manage your
appointments smartly

Your calendar gets a powerful upgrade with smart features.
How about cross - company appointments within seconds ?

intelegent calendar management
within your company and with externals,
all within seconds

There are one or more companies you constantly interact with? Why don't you just bring them into the appointer ecosystem? The IT administration can activate this option with a few simple settings. From then scheduling between companies feels partly magically. So: try it!

automated Email - Handling

Mails and appointment requests are managed by us in the background. This means: less administration for the initiator, better suggestions for you. The usual appointment environment is not left. A short-term cancellation comes in? appointer already has a new appointment ready for you. automatically.

travel times

Today Munich, then two days in Düsseldorf and on Friday to Hamburg - sometimes it's not so easy to keep track of things. We work with the market leader for geoinformation systems and can incorporate real-time traffic data and much more into the scheduling process to ensure punctuality. On point.

path path
typical journey time

time zones

The world is networked and offices are all over the world - this fact must also be taken into account with the corresponding time zones. A short Skype call between Japan, Germany and the USA is only one click away. The link from your favorite communication tool is already attached.

automated room planning

Room planning is still a real struggle in most companies. So let appointer do the work. appointer automatically synchronizes the resources from your calendar system and adds room attributes, for example, to the existing functions. This means that you can simply specify your requirements for the appointment and we will plan the most suitable room for the appropriate date.

thought ahead

With our well documented interfaces we open our ecosystem for further cutting possibilities. Why not use appointer out of Slack or just connect your HR - system?! We offer predefined add-ins and you can use our api to cover your specific usecases

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